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1. The Back Piece is going to be the first thing you will put on. The Back Piece should be facing with the curve (bowl shape) away from your body.
2. Pull scrotum and testicles through the opening first, followed by the Penis. Be careful to avoid skin folds. Be sure that it is sitting comfortably on you.
3. Place the Removable Ring inside the slots of the Front Piece.  Or directly on your Penis.
Hold the Back Piece in one hand. Align the Ring to the slots on the top of the Front Piece, the hook on the bottom of the Front Piece to the open hole on the bottom of the Back Piece and then, lastly the top latch.  
4. Once aligned, close it slowly and gently. Watch out for pinching.
You are now ready to be LOCKED!
5. Insert the Keyed Lock Cylinder completely into the lock chamber at the top of the device. Turn clockwise and remove the key. It’s a tight fit, so be patient.
6. You are now Locked and ready for whatever plans you (and or your keyholder)choose to fulfill with your new Heart-ON Chastity Device(s).            



Wear & Care

- Most of our Chastity Devices are designed to be able to wear long term. How long that term is, is up to you. With the features in each Device, the Penis is guided by a cylinder within the Front Piece to help control urination direction cleanly.  Reducing the need for frequent release from a fully covered Chastity Device.
- However, we do recommend that the wearer be released for proper cleaning fairly regularly for hygiene and safety.
- All of our Heart-ON Devices and Attachments are water safe and fully capable of submersion.
- You can shower or have a bath.
- Use regular body wash or soap for cleaning the device, when wearing it.
- Wash all Devices and Attachments thoroughly and dry completely before storing, when not in use.
- All of our attachments are interchangeable and compatible to work specifically with, “The Perfect Tease” Device.
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