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"Caged" - Full Coverage Device

"Caged" - Full Coverage Device

This is "Caged
".   (instruction video in product photos) This Full-Coverage Device features a caged front. It has an inner cup to direct urine out and away from the body.Can be used for long-term use. Note: Urination will not be as directed/predictable as the "Contained" model due to the caged front instead of one drain hole.Very comfortable to wear. 
Designed to resemble the natural shape so it can easily and discretely be worn under clothes... Full-Coverage Chastity with a caged front... Only available here!
All products are made to order by Shapeways. They are no loger glossy in finish. They come in a flat/matte finish and look great! 

How to choose the correct size;
Make sure you are completely flacid/soft. Using a shoelace or non-stretchy string, tie it around both the penis and scrotum as close to the body as you can. Make it as tight as possible without sharp pain. There should only be room to fit one finger tightly through the loop as well. Tie a double knot. Leave this on for 5 minutes to check for discoloration, pain or numbness. You must allow for enough circulation and no pinching. Take your time getting this measurement correct.
   You want it as tight as possible, but not too tight.
   Once you have the string at the length you want, cut it carefully with scissors.
  Using a metric measuring tape, measure the length of the string which was around the base.
   With that circumference measurement, divide it by 3.14.
   That number is the size ring you will want to order from Heart-ON Chastity.
   We make sizes 40mm - 64mm. 
   The maximum flacid/soft penis length for our Full-Coverage cages is 100mm or 4.5 inches.
Available on eBay and other online shopping stores.