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Extra Lock and Key Set

Extra Lock and Key Set


Extra 2 Keys with lock cylinder.


("Contained" and "Caged" include keys and lock.)


  • Returns & Refunds

    Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

    We will not give credits or refunds for any attempted returns.

    All products are individually crafted then carefully hand finished to ensure quality assurance before they are shipped.



    • We will not be held liable for any injuries as a result of these products

    • These are strictly novelties. We do not guarantee or promise any specific results.

    • We cannot answer medical questions as we are not medical professionals. 

    • If you have any medical questions regarding the use of our devices or Male Chastity, in general, please consult a medical professional.​


    Instructions and Product Care will be provided within your shipment order.

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