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Q & A

Q: How are they made and what are they made with?
A: Our Products are made using 3D printing technology. They are made using a non-toxic bio-degradable plastic called PLA. Each device takes approximately 25-30 hours of printing. Then each part is trimmed, sanded and hand-finished to create a smooth safe surface to encase your valued parts. They are then sealed using a non-toxic acrylic sealant.
The finishing process can take between 5-10 hours per unit.
Q: How do I choose a size?
A: Our devices use the same measuring system as other conventional chastity cages. This means, if you wear a size 48mm in other cages, you will fit our 48mm cages as well.
If you have never worn a chastity cage, then you will need to determine what size you are. To do this, you will need a shoelace, ruler and a felt marker/pen. You should measure when you are at the most natural state. Not too cold, and not too warm. Tie the shoelace all-around your penis and scrotum together. Try to get it as close to your body as possible. Tie it very tight in a single knot or bow. Wait 5-10 minutes to observe the color, feeling and make sure it is not hurting. Do this all while being soft, not erect. Once you have a tightness that is as tight as possible while allowing circulation, you can mark the shoelace where they meet, or, you can cut the string. Then, using a straight metric ruler, measure the string. Take that measurement, divide that number by 3.14. That will be the diameter you will need to order from our website.
Q: More about shipping?
A: Shipping to Canada and the US is 100% FREE. Shipping internationally costs between $50- $60 Canadian Dollars.
Q: How long will it take to make and get to me?
A: Our devices are usually made and finished within 7 days. Shipping to Canada usually takes 3-4 days. Shipping Internationally takes about 10 days to 3 weeks in some places with strict customs.
Q: Will I have to pay Duty or import taxes?
A: The payment goes towards manufacturing and customer service. We list the product at its material value and replacement cost only. That cost is well below most import taxes, so you should not expect extra costs when picking up or receiving your item.
Q: What is the largest size penis your devices can accommodate?
A: Our Full-Coverage devices can accommodate a 4.5 inch, SOFT/FLACID penis. The size or length of erection is not important as long as you fit when soft. The Inner cup is about 40mm in diameter which will fit most soft penises.
Q: Are your cages inescapable?
A: Our devices, like most other devices, are not inescapable. They can be made inescapable with a piercing, or by using a tether spout retainer from tetherproducts .com. Our devices are designed for men who want to be in chastity. They are not made for escape artists or men who do not want to be in chastity. We believe our chastity devices offer an experience which most men will find favourable, and therefore will not desire to escape.
Q: Are they strong, or flexible?
A: Our devices are very strong and rigid. they do not break easily or flex. They are also very light-weight. They will maintain their shape up to 170 degrees C.
Q: How long can I wear it?
A: Our devices are designed to be worn 24/7. They are built with vent/drain holes on the top and bottom to allow ventilation and rinsing. You can shower and bath wearing our products. The use of a hand-held shower-head works best to rinse out the soap.
Q: How do I pee?
A: Our Contained device has an inner cup to contain, direct and funnel urine out and away from the body and out of the cage. You will need to sit down to pee. A quick shake and dab with tissue are all that is needed to clean-up after.
Q: Other than being unfaithful, why would a person need this?
A:   Male Chastity is chosen by the male, usually to add some adventure, excitement, or roleplay into a relationship. 
  • Chastity has many uses and purposes besides infidelity prevention.
  • It can be offered as an act of love, trust, and devotion to a partner. Or as an act of submission to a partner. Yet, even as an act of submission, it is a voluntary act.
  • Many men enjoy taking control of their sexuality by handing over control to the person they love and trust most.
  • Many married and happy couples enjoy the playful aspects.
Your imagination is the only thing that limits you from the adventures and thrills that male chastity offers.
Our FuLL-Coverage Male Chastity Devices offer an even more unique experience.
I would suggest looking into "Male Chastity Lifestyle" and "Female Led Relationships" if you would like further information.
Q:  How do we deal with hair while locked away? Should I be clean-shaven down there?  How would I maintain that state?  If not,  as a minimum, how long should the hair be to avoid getting caught or pinched by the device?
A: I would suggest being clean-shaven or short trimmed for best results and comfort.    
Although, there shouldn't be any issues with longer hair because there aren't many places for hair to catch or get pulled.
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