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Why Choose Heart-On Full Coverage Chastity Devices

Feel like something was missing with your Chastity Devices?
We did too!
So began our mission and journey to design, create and provide devices that would solve many common issues with chastity, making it more enjoyable, comfortable, effective, hygienic & customizable.
Our unique collection helps to embrace the bridge between play,  taboo and practical uses for chastity.   
Full Coverage:
Blocks all physical contact eliminating any outside stimulation. 
Unique design stabilizes  placement
Attractive, ergonomic shape
Optional, discreet designs, promoting long term wear. 
​Protects the wearer from injury and discomfort  
Allows the wearer to continue daily life by reducing chaffing, pinching or scratching
Innocent Chastity:
Optional, designs that promote sexual purity, so you can save your "package" 
Non-invasive, discreet and neutral designs
Eliminates the stigma associated with conventionally styled chastity devices
Perfect for those struggling to stay pure
Encourages healthy chastity for young  or single men
Full coverage eliminates all stimulation, keeping arousal triggers at bay
No More Pain:
Protects the wearer from injury and discomfort 
Allows the wearer to continue daily life without typical issues
The wearer can sit comfortably
Reduces unwanted:
Erectile Dysfunction:
Restores confidence in the bedroom
You can still pleasure your partner using our specialty attachments
No More straps, buckles, irritation, and instability of strap-ons 
Themes and Variety:
Appeals to a wider range
​​Gives NEW Options
​​Opens up creativity
​​Brings fresh variety into chastity
​​Brings new experience 
​​Special occasion designs coming soon

Interchangeable Designs: 
Multiple styles for the front portion of each device
​​Multiple SIZES for the back portion of each device
​​Wide range of size options from 40mm - 54mm

Long Term:
The P10 - "Caged" Front, lets you rinse, vent and wash​​
Conventional chastity lock​​
Lightweight, very strong, non-toxic plastic​​
Secure hinge and latch​​
Eliminates all physical stimulation to the whole package​​
Full coverage keeps it all in and lets you forget about "it"

For Her too:
Thread on attachments
Pleasure HER without compromising his chastity 
​Interchangeable thread on attachments
More options for control
​​​Makes his package visually appealing
Blocks him from seeing himself
The idea of devoting yourself selflessly to another person, giving them the ultimate trust is amazing and beautiful.
We have always enjoyed discovering new, exciting and healthy ways to develop our intimacy.
Through that, we began to discover the beauty and dynamic benefits of chastity in a healthy relationship.
We noticed many things that were lacking in the market. 
Starting with a lack of comfort, design, size range and shape.
There was no device that locked up the entire package securely and safely, blocking out all stimulation to the scrotum at the same time?     
There was nothing to help make chastity enjoyable and effective without chaffing, pinching, folding, rubbing? 
There was nothing that was really ideal for long term wear:
Nothing that that was practical and unassociated to the traditional style of chastity, for those who just wanted something subtle and effective to help them with self-control. 
There were no Full Coverage Devices or anything, that offered any of this!      
It was time for some changes in the market and we knew we were not alone in feeling this way.
So began our mission and journey to design, create and provide something that would solve all of these problems with chastity, making chastity use more enjoyable, comfortable, effective, clean, unintimidating and painless for everyone. 
 The "Heart-ON Chastity" line became the new solution.  
We are so happy to be able to offer our unique, Full Coverage Devices that help to embrace the bridge between play, taboo & practical uses for chastity.   
We genuinely hope that whatever way you like to engage in chastity, that you find what you need here and experience it in a way that feels right for you, sexually, physically and emotionally.
With Gratitude, The Original, Heart-ON Masters 
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